Wonder Woman (2017)


Wonder Woman is a 2017 American superhero film based on the DC Comics character of the same name, distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. It is the fourth installment in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU)


After the mediocre Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad, DC films are finally on track with this deeply humane, funny and sometimes even touching adventure film that does (almost) everything right and most importantly doesn’t take itself too seriously. Every cheesy super hero landing is countered by a tongue-in-cheek joke. Gadot and Pine have a great chemistry together and make for some really charming scenes. It is only the showdown that repeats some of the other films’ mistakes by adding a little much over the top CGI into the mix. That can’t ruin this extremely entertaining and lovable film. It even manages to squeeze in a few very current themes, making it a much deeper and satisfying experience than when Super-Jesus met Psycho-Bats.

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However, the good will emanating from Wonder Woman was so loud, it’s made that marketing snafu ancient history. Nothing could stand in the way of this film’s momentum.

And once again, as the 1st person in this thread once again did is try to say DC films always fail, which basically the fact that there were only 3 from which to judge it by. Also, Milo, since you felt the need to throw in BvS, you should have also put in MOS which had a multiplier around 2.6 I believe. So, based on 2 of the 3 the average multiier for DC films is 2.5, which again is similar to many of the Marvel films. So for people expecting WW to make whatever it does, and then fall completely off the map, well that’s not the case. In fact, one should say that it should probably end up with around 250 by the end and if it doesn’t, then it underperformed based on what other DC films have done.

Matthew Iamaleava • on Jun 5, 2017 9:41 am There are several different factors that play into the viewer’s decision in choosing to see the film. There are several trailers, promotional material, and even looking at past movies of a franchise help audience members decide. The Pirates of the Caribbean has had its ups and downs as well as the Alien franchise, but they each had their own target demographic. Parents take their children to a family-friendly movie that will make their kids enjoy themselves for a time, not pee their pants. They will remember these times and in the future take their children again to a film of the same type and variety.

WW has already “saved” the DCEU be having it’s critics STFU for the rest of the summer about stories that the whole thing should be rebooted.WW showed it doesn’t need a reboot,just a redirection from dark,contemplative films to a more crowd pleasing formula with romance and a sense of power and escape.

jrose • on Jun 3, 2017 9:15 am The WW script is credited to an openly gay man, which partly explains why it’s not just another hetero male fantasy. But I agree, a female screenwriter would’ve been cool. (Though WB/DC almost certainly had several script doctors, likely including a woman or two to add a “female touch”.)

½ Patty Jenkins takes the time of the watch to unleash Wonder Woman. At a lengthy 140 minutes of screen time, Wonder Woman dishes out major origin story before getting to the CGI extravaganza. A steady pace, laced with some light humor, carries a bulk of this picture. While the major characters do get some build up, the supporting characters are a little light, but do just enough to be screen worthy. The action showcases some good choreography, while a few segments are overwhelmed with CG fanatics. Visually, this picture gets it done all around. In the acting department, Chris Pine takes the lead. Gal Gadot is a bit uninspiring, but the writing helps her character out a lot. Wonder Woman clashes with World War 1 and delivers an explosion. JY Skacto Super Reviewer.

Title:Wonder Woman
Runtime:141 min.
Genre:Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Stars:Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen, Robin Wright, Danny Huston, David Thewlis
Overview:An Amazon princess comes to the world of Man to become the greatest of the female superheroes.

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